Foodservice Marketing

We customize solutions based on your unique needs, all while keeping your preferences top of mind. We've expanded our presence in foodservice marketing to create true industry leadership with unparalleled speed and insight all under one roof. 

Digital and Conventional Printing

We utilize a full range of printing technologies to meet our clients' needs. Digital and conventional presses allow us to provide the most economical solution to suit any short- or long-run quantity requirements. 

Point of Sale (CPOS)

Our state-of-the-art technology keeps up with your ever-changing design needs. Say goodbye to outdated, unused inventory. Our personalized CPOS websites allow you to order the marketing materials you need when you need them. Items will be printed, packed, and shipped next business day.

Print On Demand

If your branding remains consistent, our POD services are the fit for you. Similar to our CPOS option, you can log in to your personalized site and order static materials – the designs are pre-approved and ready to go. 


Our industry-leading commitments to our clients are not empty promises. We fulfill customizable point-of-sale needs and off-the-shelf fulfillment items within one business day. This allows you to utilize a ground shipping method and reduce your fulfillment costs by eliminating multiple shipments! 

Fulfillment Report

Redemption Processing

Achieve your marketing objectives with our suite of redemption services.

Our team provides real-time online reporting and dashboards, troubleshoots operator issues, handles inbound inquiries via email and phone, and identifies cross-selling and marketing strategies through data mining.

Redemption Report

Kitting / New Product Launch

Frozen Sampling

Event Asset Management

Kitting / New Product Launch

Tailored to your unique needs, our kitting services deliver incredible value to our clients.

Our full-service printing capabilities allow us to build personalized kits that speak directly to your recipient, and our inventory control systems ensure your projects stay on track.

Frozen Sampling

We help our clients generate trial and response from their sampling programs.

By offering digital printing, frozen fulfillment, kit collation, and shipping all under one roof, we're uniquely qualified to help you create and keep up with demand. 

Event Asset Management

Let our team oversee your event materials so you can focus on what’s important: Showing off your brand. 

Avoid the headaches of missing event materials including booths, banners, tablecloths, kits, and more. We’ll clean, prep, pack, and ship your materials to your next event for you.

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing is any form of marketing or promotional material that is sent through the USPS, FedEx, or UPS to a home or a business address. Whether it’s a brochure, letter, postcard, coupon, or newsletter, direct mail still receives the best response rate (5.1 percent) over all other channels combined. In addition, cost-per-acquisition for direct mail is competitive, too, at about $19 per piece compared to internet display ($27) and email ($13). Depending on how impactful and extravagant you want your piece to be, direct mail is relatively cost-effective. VPDCS mails more than 2,000,000 pieces annually.


For more than 50 years, VPDCS has provided our clients with a customizable menu of data-driven marketing services. With a 1.2 million cubic-foot capacity dry fulfillment center and over 10,000 square-feet of frozen warehouse space, we send over 80,000 packages a year throughout the US and Canada, allowing us to provide our clients with competitive shipping rates.

Call Center

Let VPDCS be the voice of your organization. Our knowledgeable and dedicated client success team can provide personalized customer assistance through 800 and direct line support, offering advanced call-forwarding outside of the organization, automatic call distribution, and skilled-based routing.