Membership Marketing

We focus on the details so you can focus on your members. Our suite of services, backed by years of experience, is intended to assist your association with the everyday details of running an association. We will help you create well-coordinated, well-tracked marketing campaigns to find new members, give your current members a high-value experience, and keep the members you have when it’s time to renew.

Member Publication

One of the most tangible member benefits your association provides – and perhaps the most important, if you ask your members – is your publication. With our vast experience in magazine publishing, both for ourselves and for clients – we are uniquely positioned to help you get the most out of this critical member benefit with services including graphic design, advertising sales, copyediting, and so much more.

Visit our custom publishing page to learn more. 

Membership Management

You have a lot going for your association: a range of benefits that may include a publication or special member discounts; perhaps you host events and networking opportunities; important work you do in the political realm on behalf of your membership. What you stand for and want to achieve combined with these benefits is very attractive to your current membership. This story you’re telling to prospective members is the key to the success of your new member marketing campaign.

But you need to get the word out to the right people. You need to be proactive and make the commitment to market your association in order to bring more members in. It’s competitive. It’s time-consuming.

It’s worth it. Potential members come from a variety of backgrounds, living situations, financial means, and level of enthusiasm. But the diversity of their talents brings depth and life to your association, both in the short term and in the long run.

We can help with:

  1. Identifying your top prospects, based on your current membership demographic and other identified growth areas, using our network of list brokers.
  2. Segmenting your audience, provided there’s enough data, which allows you to further refine your top prospects and create custom messages.
  3. Delivering multi-step, strategic campaigns and tracking the results.
  4. Developing partnerships with other organizations or institutions so that you have more direct accessibility to potential new members.
  5. Saving you money by marketing to only the best prospects, and the flexibility to test different pieces or offers.

Acquisition campaigns take an investment of time and resources, but the lifetime value of those prospects, once they join, should outweigh what it took to acquire them. We have many proven pieces and methods that can work for you, and we’re willing to work with you to create something brand new – and then test it – so that you can optimize future response.

Current member Renewal

As a publisher of 10 magazines, we spend a significant amount of time and resources improving our own subscription and renewal numbers each day. It’s our lifeblood. And you, of course, want your members to return, year after year. Renewal time is when your members tell you how much they think your association is worth by choosing to renew or not, and the “renewal series” provides the perfect time to remind them of those benefits – and of your value proposition.

Implementing a strategic, multi-part renewal series increases renewal rates.

We’ve learned that many members don’t know the depth of benefits available to them. If you’re struggling to get members to return, have a high attrition rate, or simply want to better communicate when it’s time to renew, we can help. We’ll work alongside you to develop a strategic, multi-part renewal series for you that highlights the value and benefits of membership, using multiple touches and multiple response mechanisms, in a message that will resonate with your audience.

You can't afford not to renew your members. 

  • Through the implementation of a new renewal series, analyzing the results regularly, and adjusting as we went, SBAM saw its renewal rate increase by 12.7%.
    Small Business Association of Michigan
  • Through the implementation of a new renewal series, analyzing the results regularly, and adjusting as we went, SCI saw its renewal rate increase by 31% by first-year members.