Our Publishing

Just Labs

Welcome to the world of the family Labrador retriever – the black, yellow, or chocolate dog who sleeps on the good furniture when you aren’t looking; who greets you at the door each evening after work with a soggy tennis ball; and who follows you from room to room, always close, in case you need a friendly ear to scratch. Labs are our pets, partners, and protectors, and no “quality family time” is complete without them. Does this sound like your dog? Then Just Labs is your magazine!


The Pointing Dog Journal

Ever since our first issue in 1993, The Pointing Dog Journal has been recognized as The Sporting Dog Authority by serious pointing dog people around the world. And there’s a reason for that: We are all – editors, authors, and photographers – real pointing dog people. We produce this great magazine in the grouse and woodcock country of northern Michigan, not the concrete canyons of Los Angeles or New York. This isn’t just what we do for a living, it’s our life; it’s who we are, and it shows in every issue. In fact, you can say that The Pointing Dog Journal is an “expert’s magazine” because it’s written by experts for experts and those who want to be!


The Retriever Journal

The premier issue of The Retriever Journal launched in the beginning of 1995 to fill a niche, to appeal to the person who values a hunting retriever’s work above all else in the field, the type of person who would leave his gun home before he left his dog. Together you share a love for the fields and the blinds, the pheasants and the ducks and geese and the grouse and the quail and all the rest, the heft and feel of a nice shotgun, and the sights and sounds and smells of autumn and those first biting winds of winter. Together you enjoy an old and honored tradition, but one where every day in the field is like the first.


American Fly Fishing

American Fly Fishing is an inspiring, collectible reference of North American angling destinations. Each issue provides an insider’s look at well-known fisheries and off-the-radar waters, both close to home and farther afield. Our feature articles provide in-depth coverage of fisheries, with valuable insights, tantalizing anecdotes, and all the details readers need to plan successful angling adventures. Additionally, you’ll find information on conservation news, product reviews, fly-tying instruction and profiles, nostalgia and humor, and excellent photography to bring this passion to life.


Twin & Turbine

Twin & Turbine (T&T) is the only aviation publication that speaks exclusively to owner-pilots of – you guessed it – twin and turbine aircraft. Focusing in on such a specific niche allows T&T to deliver personalized and deeply relevant aviation journalism to this group, free of charge, something we’ve been doing proudly for more than 20 years. Each month our readers find valuable information and diverse perspectives regarding the operation of their aircraft, aviation market trends, latest industry developments and offerings – all provided by a writing team made up entirely of high-qualified pilots and aviation professionals. Put simply, Twin & Turbine is true “pilot talk.”


King Air

King Air magazine is for the 7,000 King Air owners, as well at the entire world market of prospective buyers. Twelve issues a year include owner stories about how they use their aircraft. Additional editorial covers new product announcements, notable vendor highlights, product reviews, STC updates, piloting tips from flight instructors, service bulletins, and answers to common maintenance questions.


Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading

Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading is the printed source for the steam enthusiast or outdoor railroader.

Since 1967 our bi-monthly magazine has been on the journey of a lifetime, covering hundreds of subjects, taking readers to scores of locations around the world, and helping innumerable builders with their projects. In each issue, you’ll find articles about railroading, restoration, track building, historical memoirs, and step-by-step projects with photos and drawings that may even inspire your next endeavor. The uniqueness of our hobby brings those of us interested in it together in a way that is nothing short of a community. Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading is not just a magazine; it’s a resource for our hobby, a connection to others who share in the fascination of steam technology.


Machinist’s Workshop

The greatest source of information for the hobby machinist! Machinist’s Workshop is the sister publication of The Home Shop Machinist. What sets this magazine apart is its emphasis on shorter, less-involved projects; you won’t find long, multi-issue articles here. We also cover other forms of metalworking not necessarily related to machining, such as welding, gunsmithing, foundry, and fabrication work.


The Home Shop Machinist

The Home Shop Machinist truly is a magazine for hobbyists, by hobbyists. Our authors are fellow subscribers and readers, sharing their projects and experiences. This approach makes for a community-oriented magazine with a wide variety of material. The Home Shop Machinist is your magazine, in a way that other hobby magazines just can’t match. We make sure to include plenty of material for the beginning machinist, but we also don’t forget our more experienced machinists! Projects that will challenge your abilities and push your skills to the next level have been a mainstay of the magazine for years and, as long as hobbyists are working in their shops, we will continue to feature involved build projects.


Digital Machinist

Digital Machinist began in 2006 as a spin-off of the popular column by Roland Friestad, “Computers in the Shop,” found in our publication, The Home Shop Machinist. Since its inception, the home CNC hobby – in addition to so many new advancements in digital technology and electronics into the machining world – has grown and the magazine has been right there, following new developments and keeping the readers informed on the latest products and machinery.